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To say it's been a long time since the band has had a presence online, played a show, or officially released new music would be an understatement. In the interim, we've endured hardships and loss, but happily, love and joys as well. We still have much to say together musically and some exciting new material to be shared when the planets align and the elder gods will it to be so. 

This site is filled with older images of the band at its peak. It exists as a "tribute" of sorts more so than updates on recent doings, for now. When there is more concrete information on new releases, this will be updated to reflect that. For now, enjoy our legacy thus far...

New Music: The work continues...

Although the band has been on hiatus for quite some time now, there is a ton of "new" music on the horizon that eventually be released. Life sometimes gets in the way and priorities shift, but there is much left to be said musically by the continuing dynamic duo of Bill and Dennis. For the patient few who might still remember who we are, it will be worth it.

The Three Spooges

The Story

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Signal To Noise Ratio album

Signal To Noise Ratio available

Pounding rhythms, soaring melodies, blistering leads, climatic highs? Yes, please! The second album is available to purchase at iTunes, and to stream at Spotify and Apple music, and on our Music page.

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Signal To Noise Ratio album
David Charlesworth, drums

Tribute to David Charlesworth

Our drummer and friend, gone too soon from this Earth, immortalized in music, images and words. 

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Strange Frequencies album

Strange Frequencies

The album that started it all way back in 2002. Recorded on a shoestring budget of zero dollars for the purpose of getting gigs, and mixed by our then-bassist, Dean Mares, this album put DAR on the map as a local prog favorite.

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